Pool & Sun Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips

  • Children should never swim alone or only with other children. An adult must always be present when children are in a pool.
  • Pay attention when your child is in a pool; don’t read, do chores, talk or text.
  • Give your children swimming lessons and learn about water safety.
  • Don’t leave toys in the pool when they’re not in use.
  • Empty the wading pool when it’s not in use and store it upside down.
  • Place the pool in a fenced-in area of the yard. The fencing should be non-climbable, at least 4 feet high, have a self-closing and self-latching gate that opens away from the pool. Ideally, this should be isolation fencing, which is four-sided fencing that goes around only the pool.
  • Be sure there are no spaces under the fence or between uprights that are more than four inches wide.
  • Have a pool cover that is a safety cover; don’t use clip-on covers for above-ground pools.
  • Remove any items that could be used by a child to gain entry to the pool area.
  • If possible, remove any steps or ladders leaning from the ground to the pool when the pool is not in use and keep these items locked away.
  • Use door locks and alarms to prevent children from going to the pool area when there’s no adult to supervise them.
  • Keep a life preserver, first aid kit, phone, and a hook to retrieve your child near the pool.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Teach your children to stay away from pool drains.
  • Don’t allow children to wear dangly necklaces or wear their hair long and loose in or around the pool, to prevent getting entangled in a drain.

No Matter What Kind of Bug Repellent You Use, Remember:

  • Adults, not kids, should do the applying.
  • Spray in an open area to minimize how spray much you inhale.
  • When applying to the face, spray some into your hand and then rub it on the face (steering clear of the eyes and mouth).
  • Wash your hands, so that you don’t end up inadvertently mixing bug spray with your food.
  • Try to use a product geared for the amount of time you need, rather than reapplying (especially when using a DEET product).
  • Don’t buy combination sunscreen-insect repellent products, for just this reason–sunscreen is something you should reapply.
  • Don’t use it on open cuts.
  • Dress kids in light-colored clothing–and spray the clothing.
  • Give kids a good washing at the end of the day with soap and water, and be sure to wash sprayed clothing before it’s worn again.
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