The average age infants get their first teeth is 6-7 months, but there is a lot of variation. Some infants don’t start to get teeth until after their first birthday. Some babies do not have symptoms with teething. Others may have mild discomfort or fussiness. Most infants around this age stick their hands in their mouths and drool frequently whether they are teething or not.

What You Can Do At Home

Provide hard, cold teething toys to chew on. You may also give infant’s Tylenol. We do not recommend Orajel or similar numbing gels because they can affect your infant’s swallowing and even cause arrhythmias.

When To Call Your Pediatrician

It is important to note that teething does not cause high fever, severe diarrhea, or other signs of illness. If these develop, your baby is likely sick. Call our office so we can check them.

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